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Bumble and Bumble University Model Project

I like most (or probably all) love Bumble and Bumble! But, just in case you are not smitten yet, here ya go… You can register at to be a hair model and get your hair did for FREE.


The L Magazine – The Cheap Issue

Anyway, I am mentioning this because on the cover it mentions “Magical $10 Russian Haircuts”. My father use to go to a Russian Barber and loved it!


High-End Hair on any Budget!

I am just like the next girl when it comes to watching my pocket but wanting to look good at the same time. It is hard, BUT…You can do it! I always want fabulous hair and I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg!


How to say Bye, Bye Bangs and Hello to Style!

Bye, Bye, Bangs… I really had fun with my bangs. I hadn’t had bangs since I was a child and I felt youthful and very cute. Of course, now I am ready to move on and I am left with bangs that are to long to wear straight down and to short to style to the side.


Try this Shampoo! I Have Scalp Psoriasis Too:(

Unfortunately, I still have psoriasis on my scalp BUT, I recently found a fabulous shampoo. DCL Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories Salicylic Acid Shampoo: A gentle exfoliating and renewing shampoo for treating dandruff and psoriasis.


How to find the Perfect Hair Color for YOUR Skin Tone!

dr gary m levin p>I love COLOR! But, I hate bad hair color on good people. Skin tone and hair color can play an enormous role on your over all look. It is important to know what works on you and what doesn’t work. Unless you are Linda Evangelista (who has and always has been […]