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Monthly Archives / January 2010

Va-Va-Voom Valentine’s Day Hair!

Whether you celebrate V-Day or (it’s more like D-Day ) not, you still should have Va-Va-Voom Valentine’s Day Hair. If you have a date, a husband, a lover or none of the above you should look hot!


Bumble and Bumble University Model Project

I like most (or probably all) love Bumble and Bumble! But, just in case you are not smitten yet, here ya go… You can register at to be a hair model and get your hair did for FREE.


The L Magazine – The Cheap Issue

Anyway, I am mentioning this because on the cover it mentions “Magical $10 Russian Haircuts”. My father use to go to a Russian Barber and loved it!


High-End Hair on any Budget!

I am just like the next girl when it comes to watching my pocket but wanting to look good at the same time. It is hard, BUT…You can do it! I always want fabulous hair and I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg!


How to say Bye, Bye Bangs and Hello to Style!

Bye, Bye, Bangs… I really had fun with my bangs. I hadn’t had bangs since I was a child and I felt youthful and very cute. Of course, now I am ready to move on and I am left with bangs that are to long to wear straight down and to short to style to the side.


Roux Fanci-Full…The In-Between Touch-up Fix!

The world re-known color specialist at the fabulous Louis Licari salon in NYC advised a client of theirs (and a friend of mine) the following info. Of course, I had to share it with my girls (and boys if your out there)…