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Bumble & Bumble Model Project – Disappointment!!!

Dear SBS Readers,

The Bumble & Bumble Model Project located in the Meat Packing District has the WORST Customer Service!!! I left work (59th Street & 3rd) and took the E train down time for a 11:30am Color Class.

When I arrived at the BBU building I took the elevator up to the Model Project floor. I rushed over to the counter, only to be ignored. Then when the girl (clearly a beauty school drop out turned beauty school receptionist) finally acknowledged me with an attitude, I tell her I am here for a Color Class. She says it started already, so I look at my Iphone and show her the fact that it was only 11:31am. She then said I guess I will reschedule you. I told her, I am 1 minute late, she then proceeds to tell me that the class has already started. Anyway, after that I turned away and walked out.

I have sent an email to tell them how upset I am. I mean honestly, I traveled for 40 minutes on the train to be turned away for being 1 minute late. RIDICULOUS!!! Then I realized that lots of people have had bad experiences there too!

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I am SO over Bumble and Bumble!!! Tell us your BBU story

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