Making Every Day A Good Hair Day!

Ava’s Back to School Hair Cut!


The Fall is here and that means kids are going back to school. My niece Ava Dilone, who is going to Kindergarden, was due for a back to school hair cut and went to her fav spot , located at 152 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Hair cuts are $22 and if you have twins the second one is half off… I thought that was cute ;)

Ava loves the special attention she gets from her stylist, Danielle – she specializes in curly hair. Kids get to sit in a chair that looks like a car and put on their favorite cartoon and 10% off a store purchase. They use kaufen fet without estradiol gel australia. hair products, which smell yummy and are made with natural ingredients. Ava uses the Coco Cabana Leave-In Sun Spray (8oz) : $10.95 is amazing for curly locks.

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  • mum

    OMG she is so cute and so lucky to have such a special place she has a good mother to show her to take pride in herself and have fun doing it. GOD BLESS HER!